COVID-19 Updates: 

Updated: Friday, March 20, 2020

Below are updates from service providers in Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's counties on services during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please keep posted for updates, as things are changing. To view updates, please click the links below.

Charles County:

Charles County Homeless Service Board Update

Calvert County:

Calvert County Homeless Service Board Update

St. Mary's County:

St. Mary's Homeless Services Board Update

Additional update from the Mission in St. Mary's County: 

1. We extended our hours from ....7am to 4pm. 

2. Daily showers for the homeless

3. Box dinner to take back to their tent

4. Giving away and keeping track of all homeless in the woods.

5. Picking up the homeless, in three separate groups, each group 10 people or under for a specific  2 hours window each. We then return them back to their location.

6. While at The Mission for 2 hours each group is feed lunch

7. Supplying Sleeping bags and blankets.

8. Serving the poor from our food pantry daily.

9. Teaching everyone the important aspects to keep them safe from catching the virus.

10. Taking  the temperature of each person who enters the Mission.

11. Loving each person that walks in our doors. 

12. Totally sanitizing the shower room (after every single shower), van, Mission seating and overall Mission between each group which entered during the day..