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Local Homelessness Coalition Meeting

ZOOM April 1, 2021 ~ 2:00 p.m.

Welcome & Introductions - Present at the Meeting:
Jacquelyn Culver, Sara Martin, Betsy Vanauker, Corae Young, Elizabeth Farr, Michael Young, Lynda Strain, Jaimie Barnes, Renee Curry, Morgan Wyman, Renee Crampton, Jennifer Neff, Janice Frederick, Anna Wood, Zaneta, Becky Sweeney, Wayne Millet, Sandy Washington, Lanny Lancaster, Rita Wood, Dennis Nicolson Approval of March 2021 Meeting Minutes tabled until the May meeting.

New Business:
LHC Membership: Michael Young, Member at Large and Renee Curry, Charles County
were unanimously voted into membership.

New Leadership: LHC Executive Committee Elections Ballot was provided to the voting members. Jacquelyn Culver as Chair and Sandy Washington Vice-Chair both were
elected unanimously.

Meeting was turned over to the newly elected chair, Jacquelyn.

The Standards Manual Addendum: This document was presented for the LHC to review. Corae reported that the new language was copied and pasted directly from HUD. Main changes to note are: virtual inspections, case management was monthly, now every three months and virtual, disability documentation, income requirements and Third-party documentations. Betsy made a motion to accept the addendum as written, Jacquelyn seconded and all approved. The date revised will be added as a footer to the document.

HSP Risk Assessment Tool: Jacquelyn reported on this DHCD pre-monitoring requirement. QA completed these assessments and provided the programs with the results on March 26, 2021. All the programs in our LHC were determined to be moderate or low risk. QA will be conducting monitoring/audits between April – May for the following programs: Three Oaks Prevention, Project Echo, Martha’s Place, St. Mary’s County DSS, and Safe Harbor. Clear instructions, and requirements will be provided ahead of time. The entire monitoring timeframe from beginning to end should be about 45 days.

Funding Status: CoC NOFA will be re-existing flat funding in 2022. The 2023 NOFA funding will be competitive; ESG-CV Phase II grant application has been submitted. We have been told by the State that an additional $545,000 is being made available to our LHC. The lead agency, Three Oaks is submitting the necessary documents. This grant does not require an application, but a fill in the blank sheet and budget request. The grant is specifically for shelter, hoteling and emergency services. More information will be provided as available. Application is due on May 3rd.

Tri-County Community Action agency needs funding to help administer the mortgage relief program. It has been recommended that $50,000 from each county be reallocated from the pre-existing CBDG II grant. TCCA usually gets their funding from foreclosures, however, due to the pandemic, there are no foreclosures happening right now. It is not known if housing councilors work primary with home owners who live in their primary residence or if assistance is also given to rental properties. If assistance is given to rental properties, it benefits the LHC. Michael Young is checking to see how this is typically handled. One of counties will have to manage this re-allocated money.

Quality Assurance made their recommendation for the ESG – CV2 funding. Budget requests were reviewed and submitted. All agencies were made aware of the QA team’s recommendation.

Old Business:
Balance of State Updates: All Member Meeting/Southern Maryland Recognition was held virtually on March 29th. Jacquelyn gave an update and shared highlights of the meeting. One thing in particular to note is our CoC performance as a whole is above the national level. Slides from the meeting are available and can be shared.

CDBG Supply Purchases All agencies are encouraged to submit requests. Sara will
check with the Three Oaks Finance Dept and get the exact total available.
After the meeting minutes update: The total original budget for supplies was $77,500. So far $21,535 has been spent, leaving a balance of $55,965. This money must be spent by September, 2022. The Lead Agency, Three Oaks will reimburse any program on a monthly basis, with properly submitted invoices.

CARES funding, Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This grant is available separately to each county and they must independently apply for this grant funding. Calvert, St. Mary’s and Charles County will be applying. Charles County asked for an extension and will be scheduling a meeting to discuss this grant at a later date with their community partners. Each county is encouraged to use sub recipients to participate in this flexible funding grant. It was mentioned that sub-recipients must have the capacity to meet all grant requirements as demonstrated in past performance. Grant dollars go directly to the county and is reimbursable, all checks will be sent directly to the landlord.

Spending Strategy Corae shared the need for a strategy for spending all the grant funding and resources in our LHC. She wants to be sure we are not just handing out money, but rather looking at the family’s entire situation and not plugging a hole but rather fixing it.

Hypothermia Shelter Progress/Homeless Impacts: Charles County Safe Nights in Churches ended this past Sunday. Many of the clients found housing or other shelter of some sort. Most of the Chronically Homeless persons went back to the woods. LifeStyles extended the deadline for the families in the hotel, and continues to work to find permanent housing or alternative shelter. Calvert County’s program has ended and they are working at finding housing or shelter options for several clients. St. Mary’s County is continuing their shelter program. It is not stopping.

Vaccination Reporting Tool This Google Document is tool that is being used to track the number of shelter clients that are being vaccinated. It is being used statewide. Youth Count 2021 May 26th is the date for the Homeless Youth Suppositum. The Youth count ends on April 30th. Send email to Corae for a participation code.

Sub-Committee Reports:
Services - Coordinated Entry & By Name List Sara reported that there are currently 169 people on the By Name List. Calvert County -23, Charles County -102, and St. Mary’s County - 44. So far this year we have housed 49 families. This number is a bit low due to several families recently being housed that have not yet been recorded. The BOS Coordinated Entry Team met a couple weeks ago and has set a new scheduled for trainings and full Coordinated Entry BOS implementation. There is still work to be done on the SSM. The trainings are suppose to start in April and will allow everyone a month to complete. The launch of the BOS CE will be in May.

Executive Committee: At the last meeting there was discussion about the subcommittees’ new goals and repurposing. This will be an on-going discussion. All other items have already been discussed during this meeting.

Behavioral Health Meeting: This group has decided to tabled their meetings due to lack of participation. They are willing to start again and waiting for guidance from the executive committee.

Domestic Violence: No report

HMIS: Florence’s report, shared by Sara

Housing Inventory Chart Emails were sent to providers requesting updates on the number of beds they would like reflected in the 2021 Housing Inventory Chart. The number of beds reported should represent the number of beds available for occupancy on the night of PIT. All updates must be received by COB on Friday, April 2nd.

System Performance Reports As some of you may know, since the HMIS merger that took place in September, I have been unable to pull System Performance Measure reports for our specific LHC. SPM data is generated at a CoC-level and is driven by CoC code.
Since our CoC code changed from MD-508 to MD-514 which now includes four other
LHC, the reports now reflect SPM data for all 5 jurisdictions. This issue primarily
affects the retrieval of data for SPM 1 (Length of time homeless), SPM 2 (Returns to
Homelessness), and SPM 5 (1st time homeless). Although time consuming, the
remaining performance measure can be generated on the project-level using APRs. Our
Maryland BoS HMIS administrator, Jason Burns, plans to discuss with the possibility of
correcting this issue with the software vendor sometime this month.

Membership: All slots are currently filled.

Point-in-Time: DHCD reports they are still working on the data.

Public Relations: No report

Quality Assurance: Report was given earlier.

Resource Development: No report

The LHC Zoom Meeting ended at 3:26 p.m.

Next Meeting -Thursday, May 6, 2021 ~ 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sara Martin
COC Administrator