Continuum of Care Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2019

Lori Hony, Dawn Tucker, Bethany Goodwin, Sandy Washington , Veronica Alexander, Sara Martin, Karen Carloni, Florence Brooks, Betsy VanAuker, Jennifer Neff, Aimee Shryock, Krystal Bowser, Cynthia Brown, Patrice Duperval, Amanda Chesney, Dora Carter, Renee Crampton, Jeral Barnes, Marjorie Zimmerman, Donna Brennan, Susan Seifert, Maria Scott, Renee Curry.

The meeting was called to order by Sara Martin at 2:05PM. Approval of May Meeting Minutes

• Sandy Washington moved to approve the May Meeting Minutes and Donna Brennan seconded the motion. Approval of the May Meeting Minutes for the Continuum of Care was completed with no changes or discussion. New Business

• Sara Martin reviewed the list of the Continuum of Care Committees and the members currently listed on each committee and any designated chairpersons. New committees have been added since the April Retreat. A request was made for members of the CoC to review the list and consider supporting an additional committee or supporting a committee for the first time. Sara acknowledged the intent of the Board was for members to be actively involved in at least one committee while serving the CoC. Committee Reports

• Services – Maria Scott provided an update from the COE group. The group has discussed tracking literally homeless households/individuals seeking shelter and those turned away due to no open shelter spaces or due to reasons someone may not be suitable for a public shelter. This subject remains on the agenda for the June meeting. The Catholic Charities MRV will not be available for May. Availability for the summer is questionable as Catholic Charities has a demand for its use for emergency services. LifeStyles continues routine street outreach without the use of the MRV. Renee Curry would like to know when Charles County outreach is done as there may be an opportunity for a Charles County DSS presence from time to time. Community Ministries, per Betsy VanAuker, is willing to assist with street outreach efforts in Calvert
Committee Reports (continued – page 2)

• Services (continued) County as needed. Coordination between Project Echo and Community Ministries would be an ideal opportunity for street outreach programs. The Executive Committee has requested the COE group discuss shelter safety and provide feedback for best practices for safety initiatives. This topic is scheduled for the June COE committee meeting. The Three Oaks Center is working diligently on Rapid Rehousing efforts. There are several Permanent Supportive Housing openings recently and By Name List candidates have all been moved forward for PSH program consideration.

• Executive – The Executive committee is updating the Standards Manual. Emergency shelter security policies and best practices are to be added to the Standards Manual. • Behavioral Health – This is a new committee and does not have an update at this time. • Membership - Sara Martin relayed there was an application from Wayne Willett (At Large) and is pending an application from Marjorie Zimmerman from Smile (Calvert) to be presented at the Calvert Homeless Services Board meeing. There is not a quorum present so a vote cannot be taken today. A vote may be done by email or at the next meeting provided there is a quorum.

• Quality Assurance – no report

• Youth Services - Bethany Goodwin reported the committee met a few weeks ago. The committee is working to identify the major issues and challenges regarding homeless and unaccompanied youth. Questions the committee is looking to have answered - What are the reasons youth are homeless or unaccompanied? What needs do they have? What services are available? Where are the gaps in needed services? The committee wants to work on educating the public and government officials regarding this population. The committee is going to work on addressing small needs at first as well as identifying resources for youth that have nowhere to go and then identifying or encouraging housing opportunities.

• Resource Development - no report

• Domestic Violence – no report
Committee Reports (continued – page 3)

• Point in Time – The point has been brought up that there may not be enough identifying information for children on the PIT? The McKinney-Vento versus HUD definition of Literally Homeless are not the same. There was a suggestion to make a public relations effort to put the PIT information out to government officials and the general public. A suggestion was made for an article to be written in a way to breakdown homelessness within the region. Amanda Chesney remarked that the McKinney - Vento definition of homelessness covers couch -surfing and staying with families, etc. The question was raised if there would be an updated definition of homelessness coming from HUD at some time.

County Reports

• Calvert – Betsy VanAuker indicated the next Homeless Board meeting for Calvert is June 26th at 1pm.

• Charles – Donna Brennan indicated Rita Wood has been asked if she would accept a nomination to the CoC Board. The local Board continues to work on the Charles County strategic plan and the planning for the upcoming community resource day.

• St. Mary’s - IDT meetings are still functioning and Jennifer Neff has a new role at DSS and a new IDT lead will be determined in the very near future. Kerry Miciotto is retiring in July. Lanny Lancaster is the co-chair with Kerry Miciotto and Lanny will likely be the sole chair once Kerry retires.

Next Meeting
• The next meeting will be August 1, 2019, at the Charlotte Hall Library. Corae Young was able to get the library to lock in the first Thursday of every month at the Charlotte Hall Library from 2PM-4PM.

• Renee Crampton motioned to adjourn the meeting and Betsy VanAuker seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 3:30PM.