Continuum of Care Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2019


Sara Martin, Corae Young, Bethany Goodwin, Becky Sweeney, Tanya Hurst, Crystal Bradford, Cynthia Brown, Rita Wood, Karen Carloni, Kelsey Bush, Gwen Ferguson, Jocelyn Richardson, Margaret Role, LaShawn Freeman, Valerie Hunt, Robyn Rolle, Sandy Washington, Betsy VanAuker, Lori Horny, Jeral Barnes, Renee Crampton, Dennis Nicholson, Lanny Lancaster


The meeting was called to order by Sara Martin at 2:09PM with welcome and introductions.


Approval of June Meeting Minutes


  • Betsy VanAuker moved to approve the May Meeting Minutes and Renee Crampton seconded the motion. Approval of the June Meeting Minutes for the Continuum of Care was completed with no changes or discussion.


New Business

  • Sara stated there was a new Homeless Prevention screening tool that the CoC needs to vote on. Also, DHCD is creating a homelessness prevention toolkit, and would like to adopt our screening tool that has been used by the Veterans Administration’s Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF) program. Lanny added that the toolkit is in parts and it discusses best practices. St. Mary’s DSS and Community Ministries would be required to use this tool and was adopted from the SSVF program. Betsy asked why persons with felonies were ranked higher as a vulnerable population. Tanya Hurst and Kelsey Bush mentioned that sex offenses make it more challenging to place individuals. Lanny stated that previously the SSVF threshold was 22 but has been lowered to 18 which is what we have now on this draft. Dennis made a motion that this should be labeled a working document that may be changed or improved. Kelsey seconded the motion. All agreed to adopt this document as a working document that may be changed or improved at any time.


Committee Reports


  • Executive Committee – No report
  • Lead Agency – Lanny stated that the NOFA is now available and published. There was a webinar provided for any interested agencies to apply. LifeStyles, Three Oaks St. Mary’s Aging & Human Services, and SMCN were on the call. Jackie Ogg has served as the technical writer in the past three years; she will not be the primary writer this year, but is still helping with the new questions of the NOFA, i.e., relationship with Public Schools, creation of a MoU with Boards of Education, employment services, formalized MoU with the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act, unaccompanied youth, and domestic violence.


Lanny states that Maria is no longer the CoC Administrative Coordinator. He felt that he needed someone in-house and not a contractor and a person was needed daily. At that time, he also spoke with Sara’s who has agreed to take the position as an employee of Three Oaks. She will be doing 70 percent of CoC and 30 percent of Three Oaks’ work. Her position with the CoC is focused on the coordinated entry process, quality assurance and administrative support. He stated that Three Oaks picked up an additional $12,000 costs to operate the CoC. Sandy mentioned that all of the fiduciary and administrative responsibilities are now with Three Oaks, which also includes the chair of the CoC. Sara states that she is also concerned and wants to ensure there is no lack of leadership if she resigns. Kelsey asked that we review the minutes upon hiring Maria to see if it said for “Three Oaks to hire the Administrative Coordinator” or “to hire Maria.” Sara stated that we voted on her position and the Executive Committee brought recommendation to the CoC. The follow up should be to review the minutes from that meeting. Kelsey also suggested we have the Committee Chairs be part of the larger discussion of our next steps for the Chair position. In the interim, Sara will still hold the Chair position. Dennis made a motion if we could keep Sara as the Chair until the NOFA funding application is complete, on or before September 14th. Kelsey motioned that we form a Search Committee of the Sub-Committees leaders to address the potential vacancy of the Chair position. Betsy seconded this motion. All were in agreement, none opposed. Upon further discussion, Dennis’ motion was rescinded. Corae as the Membership Chair will send a conference call meeting to have before September’s membership meeting.


SN: Based upon later review of the minutes in October 2017, it states the following about the Administrative Coordinator: “was shared that upon review of the minutes from October 2017, the following was stated: “Sara requested approval to create position of CoC Administrative Coordinator; Dennis Nicholson made motion to accept; Janet Salazar seconded. Administrative Coordinator to contract with Three Oaks Center on behalf of CoC.”


  • Services – No report; Sara stated there will be a new time to meet. Renee Crampton mentioned that Calvert DSS wanted to clarify the correct questions to ask. Lori asked about whether individual adults should fill out a form if they are a family because there is only space for one adult to consent to HMIS. Lanny states that this should be corrected for the next CoC referral modification.


  • Behavioral Health – There are no updates


  • Membership – Corae reported that there are still vacancies in each county.


  • Quality Assurance – Cynthia states she is reaching out to Shelter Plus Care grantees for monitoring visits before the CoC NOFA is submitted.


  • Youth Services – The next youth sub-committee meeting is August 21st, 3pm at St. Mary’s Aging & Human Services.  We discussed having a youth at the committee and developing a resource list that services unaccompanied homeless youth. Corae was asked to participate in a workgroup to study shelter and supportive services for unaccompanied homeless minors with the state. Corae stated that she will email the memo to the CoC that states what information is needed, and has asked for feedback by mid-August.


  • Resource Development – Dennis Nicholson reported that 9% Tax Credits is building money from DHCD. In St. Mary’s it helped with redevelopments. This year there were no awardees in Southern Maryland. The Episcopal Housing Corporation who Dennis would like to invite to speak. There are open applications for HUD VASH Vouchers and is getting a letter of support from the VA for St. Mary’s Housing Authority for an invitation to apply. There’s a HUD notice that’s currently available to provide vouchers for foster youth. The St. Mary’s Housing Authority can’t apply since it already has Family Unification vouchers. Dennis encouraged Calvert and Charles County Housing Authorities to apply. There’s a webinar on August 6th, 3pm for this program. The maximum number of vouchers is 25 per jurisdiction, and must have a MoU with the local Department of Social Services. Sustainable Communities areas are being updated in St. Mary’s County which pertains to funding opportunities. If there are agencies in the Charlotte Hall zip code, please have them contact Dennis, as it could open funding availability.


  • Domestic Violence – Krystal sent a memo stating they met on July 25th and discussed adding a survivor to the committee. They struggle with lack of affordable housing and screening of potential clients, and the returning of clients who went back to the abusive situation.  


  • Point in Time – Point in Time is scheduled for January 22nd. No other updates have come from HUD.


  • Marketing – Sara shared a press release and asked for feedback to help the general community understand our role.




County Reports

  • Total amount is $1,700 per county. This includes funds in flexible spending of $700 and originally $1,035.33 specifically in the Community Resource Day budget; the PIT $1,449 per county.
  • Calvert – They are now quarterly meetings 
  • Charles – Local action plan is almost complete and submitted by
  • St. Mary’s  - Things are going well. The local action plan is going to the County Commissioners the last meeting in August. Kerry Micciotto resigned from the Board as she is retired from St. Mary’s DSS. Cynthia Brown and Lanny are co-chairs of the Homeless Board. The St. Mary’s Food Bank did a presentation and is on Great Mills Road.


Dennis mentioned that the Census 2020 is important to capture our vulnerable population.

Lanny Lancaster stated that Senator Van Hollen’s office called him to meet about housing and he and Dennis met with his staff.

Sandy Washington reported that LifeStyles purchased Southern Crossing property. The County Commissioners also approved the text amendment for having a shelter in a light industrial zone.

Tanya Hurst stated that confidentiality is key of the clients. She noticed a tendency for the clients to show up in media for various reasons and wanted to make sure we maintained that level of privacy for them.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be September 5th, 2019, at the Charlotte Hall Library at the Charlotte Hall Library from 2PM-4PM. 


  • Kelsey Bush motioned to adjourn the meeting and Renee Crampton seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 3:34PM.